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“To provide companies and organisations with efficient and reliable access to vehicle and asset data management.”


These databases cover the entire scope of high-value movable items


The National Traffic Information System (NaTIS) is the official register for all vehicle, driving licence, contravention and accident data. All vehicles destined for road use must be registered on eNaTIS and licensed annually.


Many movable assets, such as various forms of yellow metal, quad bikes, jet skis, generators, etc. are, by law (Dept of Transport), not allowed to be loaded on eNaTIS. The Southern Africa Movable Asset Register (SAMAR) allows for a record to be kept of all of such assets. SAMAR covers the life-cycle of an asset and creates the most recent reliable record of that asset by updating records as changes are made by system interactions.

IVID offers an all encompassing solution for managing verified vehicle and asset data across multiple platforms.


Automatic number plate recognition


ANPR is the camera technology used to “read” and “convert” the license plate on a vehicle into usable character-based text.


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Vehicle Intelligence Data System


VIDS is a web-based platform that receives vehicle sightings data from hundreds of ANPR cameras daily.



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Our Register Tracking process, in use by all major banks in Southern Africa provides an electronic system that lodges and then keeps track of applications for NVR transactions centrally at participating registering authorities.

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CerTrack was specifically designed for use by Southern Africa vehicle financing institutions following instances of fraud linked to a lack of control over registration certificates.



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InsTrack is used by the insurance industry to manage the registration certificate requests for vehicles on which the banks hold title.


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As the name suggests, MIBTrack is for use by Manufacturers, Importers and Builders of vehicles and other movable assets.


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With the ANPR system expanding to cover the land borders, IVID is developing an active system to control the movement of “illegal” vehicles in partnership with the SAPS.

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As a result of requests from both insurers and VAF entities our DocHub service has been introduced.

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