Our Services

International Vehicle Identification Desk.

IVID can assist you in answering the following questions:

  • Are you importing a new, used or second-hand vehicle into South Africa and don’t know who to contact for administrative assistance?
  • Do you need to know how to import a vehicle into South Africa and the rules/ regulations that apply to the process?
  • Do you need quick access to all the various role players and authorities to assist with vehicle importation into the Southern African region?
  • Do you need your import vehicle data to be verified for authenticity?
  • Is your import vehicle legal and able to be imported to South Africa?
  • Is it Export advice that you need for vehicles from South Africa?

Our Services

  • Cross border vehicle identification, anti-cloning administration activities.
  • Permit verification.
  • Task group facilitation and training.
  • Vehicle data storage and systems development.
  • Consultancy services.

IVID offers an all encompassing solution for managing verified vehicle and asset data across multiple platforms.

Core functions

  • Vehicle data storage – The gathering and administration of vehicle identification data of all imported vehicle units (New & Used), and those manufactured in the region.
  • Data provision – To provide access to vehicle data to regional authorities, motor industry, police services, customs and excise control, regional vehicle registration authorities, finance houses, banking and insurance industries.
  • International liaison to – To maintain data flows and close liaison with vehicle manufacturers, Interpol, WCO and IACP.
  • Public assistance – To provide verification system to the public via approved service providers to protect them from purchasing illegal, stolen or cloned vehicles.
  • International vehicle manufacturer liaison and NAAMSA affiliate.
  • Public information service.
  • Investigation duties and capacity for Southern African vehicle markets.
Illegally registered used vehicle to be crushed by Authorities in South Africa
Vehicle not sold Domestically in South Africa
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