About IVID


An International organisation promoting excellence in international vehicle trade, combating crime and promoting economic growth in Southern Africa.



IVID aims to create a fair-trade environment for the Southern African vehicle market through:

  • Efficient and effective methods of import/ export administration.
  • Administrative advice to public and the motor trade
  • Training and liaison service to local and neighboring authorities relating to vehicle data.

Core values

IVID is guided by the following set of values:

  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Integrity

Origins of IVID

IVID was established through the BAC (Business Against Crime) initiative, which came into force during 1996 due to the rise in the levels of importation of second hand or used vehicles mainly from the far east into Southern Africa mainly through the port of Durban that were unverified or checked. These vehicles were later found to be either illegally imported in many cases or illegally registered onto the South African vehicle register system.

IVID was initiated to begin a database for capture of the used/ second hand vehicles transiting through South Africa for verification purposes. The aim was to ascertain whether these vehicles were stolen as well as identity verification.

IVID is a privately run organization in partnership with Government agencies, specializing in liaising with vehicle manufacturers both local and international, police authorities, finance providers, insurance companies, customs authorities, port officials, safety standard boards, government registration authorities and the general public. The business manages a database that is linked to all the above institutions and can provide useful information on an ongoing basis to all the relevant stakeholders and users.

IVID has the ability to identify international trafficking of stolen vehicles to alert authorities regarding misrepresentations, misdescription and fraudulent activities in vehicle crime to protecting public interest.